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In the vast majority of the world when you mention the game of football most people are not picturing players suited up in pads and helmets trying to score a touchdown. If Alton Murphy has his way that will all change very soon.

Murphy is the Executive Director of the non-profit organization, DFW Sports. They have organized a comprehensive football equipment drive that will support youth organizations in the UK who express interest in learning the game of American football. The cost of equipment is the biggest barrier to participation in the UK.

Unlike its namesake, to play American football players need more than just a ball and an empty field. There are helmets and pads to buy. This is where DWF Sports comes in. Their on-going efforts have resulted in the accumulation of a large quantity of football equipment. But their work is not done.

In September, Murphy will be flying to England to meet his partners in the UK who are involved in this project. He will be meeting with Bucks New University, who will assist DFW Sports in receiving, storing and distributing the football equipment, along with several other groups and sponsors.

Murphy’s desire to spread the game of American football in the UK started nearly 30 years ago when he was in the Air Force and stationed in England at RAF Upper Heyford from 1983-1987. That was the same time that the English started playing American football. Murphy played on the base team that squared off against some of the best teams in the UK at that time.

With his playing experience and his background in teaching, coaching, and sports management, Murphy is well suited for his new role and ambassador of American football.

The popularity of American football is growing in the UK. Every year the NFL plays two regular season games in London and these games are always sold out. It has become a major sporting event that many fans look forwards to every year.

There is even a British American Football Association that is the governing body for the sport in Great Britain. They also work to promote the game throughout the country. With the help of people like Alton Murphy, the game of American football will prosper in the UK and it just might give that other sport of the same name a run for its money.

For more information, contact Alton Murphy at 817-919-1182 or