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Digital and social media has risen over the last few years, but marketers have learned that face-to-face interaction is still hugely important. Event sponsorships are a creative way to fill that need. Here are 4 reasons why you should use event sponsorship as part of stretching your marketing strategy budget:

Reason 1: Effective (Inexpensive) Marketing

You know that a big part of your marketing time and budget can be spent on finding your target market. Events have your market built right in, and even better, the event organizers do all the leg work of marketing to that certain audience. You can spend the same amount or even less money without the time investment when you sponsor events. The BABC Consul General Awards Dinner attendees are executives in the three major sectors in Houston and the major British investment areas of medicine, energy, and aerospace all under one roof.

Reason 2: Piggyback on Media Exposure

Marketing is essential to having a successful event. As a sponsor, you can take advantage of piggybacking on those marketing dollars and efforts in reaching those target markets. The BABC Consul General Awards Dinner partners with the Houston Business Journal to give your brand exposure both before and after the event. Social media and digital marketing are also an important part of the plan for this event.

Reason 3: Event Sponsorship Can Increase Brand Awareness

Event sponsorship helps to increase your brand awareness outside traditional marketing campaigns. It helps you to tap into a new avenue to get in front of your customers and potential partners. Event sponsorship allows you the opportunity to engage directly with attendees.

Reason 4: Show off your Community Support

Lastly, businesses that are heavily invested in the community are likely to get support from the community. By sponsoring an event that showcases the valuable contributions of non-profits and companies working to benefit the community, it sends a message that your company is invested in those causes as well. The BABC Consul General Awards Dinner will showcase the efforts of three business sectors coming together to collaborate and problem solve in areas that affect the entire community.

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