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Redefine Local


Truphone is the world’s first global mobile network.

Truphone’s unique infrastructure, together with a growing number of patented innovations, offers a seamless and consistent mobile experience, specifically built for global business.

Originally founded in the United Kingdom, Truphone specializes in mobility solutions for UK companies. Whether you’re a British subsidiary in the United States, a British executive living and working in America, or a US professional doing business with the UK, Truphone keeps you connected, with the peace of mind in knowing that your communications are as easy and cost-effective as when you’re communicating within the United States.

One of Truphone’s many benefits is the ability for multiple international numbers to ring one phone, with a single SIM and voicemail. As a member of the British American Business Council, your British contacts can call you on your UK number, whereas your American contacts will dial your US number. In each case, the call rings your device, no matter your location. Now you can talk, text, surf and download internationally, with complete peace of mind and cost predictability. That’s because Truphone does for you what other mobile carriers can’t:

  • Keeps you connected to your UK and other international contacts

  • Reduces, or eliminates, your international roaming costs

  • Increases your productivity

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