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The 5th Annual  BABC International Business Awards are fast approaching on October 8. October is Cyber Security month and we have a great keynote panel from NSS and Optimal Risk to fill you in on what the threats are out there and how they may affect your business. This is an excellent event for your IT and security people to attend. Register for your table or tickets today. 

So, just who are these companies who have made the cut to become finalists? This week we would like to introduce you to our Small to Mid-Sized Business finalists.



UK-based Houlder is an employee-owned business providing a high quality, sophisticated engineering capability within the marine environment. The company’s Offshore Projects and Engineering business plays a key role in supporting drilling and subsea operations worldwide. In 2013, Houlder launched a new venture to support clients headquartered in the US by opening an office in Houston, TX called Houlder Americas.

Houlder employs 140 professionals in the UK and the USA.  As an employee-owned business, Houlder operates as an Employee Benefit Trust to support and reward sustainable growth.



PJ Valves is a valve manufacturer and supplier in the oil and gas industry developed around the values of integrity, trust, and ingenuity. Through PJ V owned and operated factories and partner factories alike, they strive to supply to offshore and onshore projects with highly specified valve packages offering commercially and technically advantageous options. PJ Valves is changing the reputation of the valve industry by creating transparency with a dedicated order management team and online customer portal allowing clients to view all procedures and documents throughout the manufacturing process. By supplying to every major operator since inception, PJ valves has expanded from England to North America and Singapore, creating a global enterprise to better serve their clients.

PJ Valves employs 65 professionals in the UK and the USA.



Specialist Staffing Solutions, Inc. “SThree” is an international staffing agency that provides specialized permanent and contract staffing services to Finance, Banking, Engineering, Oil & Gas, IT, and Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sectors.  Progressive Global Energy is a subsidiary of SThree, which strictly specializes in the Oil & Gas industry. They do upstream, midstream, and downstream, which allows them to reach multiple levels of clients. Among these clients, some the largest are with XtO Energy, Statoil, Occidental Oil & Gas, Hess, Chevron , Continental Resources, Schlumberger, Shell, Valerus and JGC. Progressive Global Energy has recruitment consultants who are vertical market specialist. As a result, they are able to build connections within each market and this allows them to fill niche roles.

Progressive Global Energy employs 70 professionals in the UK and the USA.



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