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 The Foundation was established by the British American Business Council (BABC) in 2006 as a beacon going forward into the future, to light an awareness of the opportunities available culturally and to affirm a commitment to the academically gifted, yet financially disadvantaged youth of today, encouraging them to become our global leaders of tomorrow.

The scholarships are awarded at various increments and programs to finance aspiring middle school, high school, undergraduate and postgraduate students. The foundation also focuses on funding young adults who may require re-education, post traumatic recovery or provide aid to continue education during long term illness.

BAFTX 2015 Scholarship RecipientsBAFTX provides opportunities to excel here in Texas, or to attain global education, with exchanges between the UK and USA educational institutions of excellence. For many, travel broadens their minds and horizons and solidifies the existence of a world that is waiting for them beyond the realms of the school bus perimeter.

The primary focus of these scholarships is in the fields of Science and Technology and International Business.

With the generous support of BABC and the Houston business community, BAFTX strives to finance these bright, hard-working students that are hindered in reaching their potential through lack of funding, supporting them in their endeavors and attaining their goals without the added worry of financial constraints. The BABC bi-annual Gala has raised over $1,000,000 for BAFTx' efforts. 


More details on BAFTx programmes.

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