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Cultural Acclimation


Clubs and Organizations

HHGA is the Sister City organization with the Grampian Houston Association in Aberdeen, Scotland. There have been many interchanges on all levels with business delegations to both countries and student exchange visits allowing nursing students to study the differences in the techniques and protocols utilized in each country.
English Speaking Union, the United States non-profit, non-political and expand the mission of the organization, education and advancement of knowledge, the scholarship is to promote the use of English in the international community effectively.

Houston Highland Games Association
The Houston Highland Games Association is a 501 (c) 3 not  for profit organization promoting the heritage culture of Scotland and the other Celtic Nations through social events and educational programmes. 
A private academic insitution with an emphasis on the Scottish arts of piping, drumming, highland dance, and scottish country dance. STE is the home of the five time World Champion Juvenile Pipe Band and boast National Highland Dance champions.
University of St. Thomas Center for Irish Studies

The Center for Irish Studies is one of a kind in the Southwest. It serves as a focal point for the study of Irish history, literature, politics, law, language, music, art, drama, culture and society. The Center enhances the academic mission of the University by concentrating on a broad and coherent study of Ireland and Northern Ireland within an integrating framework of many academic departments and community organizations.

The D.B.E. is a non-profit, non-political American organization and membership is extended, by invitation, to women who are of British or British Commonwealth birth, naturalized British or British Commonwealth subjects, women with proven British or British Commonwealth ancestry, and to the wives of British or British Commonwealth born men.

Saltire Foundation

Founded and nurtured by the GlobalScot network, the Saltire Foundation is a registered, independent Scottish charity whose mission is to find, fuel and spark the next generation of business leaders in Scotland.

Is an online clearing house for information on Scottish organization activities in the State of Texas.  Since 1985 it has provided the most current information available about Scottish and other Celtic activities, primarily in the Greater Houston Area, and Texas at-large.







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