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On October 12, the British-American Business Council and United Airlines brought companies from three different business sectors together at the Petroleum Club to honor Pumps and Pipes. Pumps and Pipes promotes technology transfer between the Medicine, Energy and Aerospace sectors through their yearly Symposium and various events throughout the year. They were chosen for their contributions to innovation and problem solving by exploring "the other guy's toolkit".



The event marked a broadened direction for BABC as we look to the Texas Medical Center and NASA for opportunities for British companies in the Houston area. We look forward to providing our members with connections to people, information and opportunities in these new areas. 

BABC was also pleased to provide a platform for our Platinum Sponsor, the GOOSE Society of Texas, to honor Dr. Denton Cooley for his world-wide contributions to Medicine. The award was accepted by Joanne Herring. Margaret Alkek Williams was honored for her philanthropy in the Texas Medical Center.

Event attendees were kept entertained by emcees Larry Lawson and Dr. Billy Cohn. It was the first time we've had a magician as an emcee, much less one who is an eminent heart surgeon.


Honorary Co-Chairs: Larry Lawson, Rob Franklin, Buzz Aldrin

Event Co-Chairs: Lynn Houston, Posey Parker


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