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"BABC was one of the first organizations I joined in Houston when I started working for CBRE in 2006.  BABC offers a network to collaborate and leverage relationships through various service lines and communities.  I lived in London from 1994-1996 and missed the British and Global Network and have found ...

Collin Grimes  – First Vice President  – CBRE

Houston , TX  USA

"The BABC is an invaluable resource to develop relationships,  contacts and business opportunities in Houston/ Texas British community and the UK.  I joined the BABC  in the late 1980s, and our firm has been a member  for 15 years.  As a partner in the Texas based law firm Jackson Walker ...

James Prappas  – Partner  – Jackson Walker

Houston , TX  USA

"LV Shipping USA has strong ties with the United Kingdom and with many offices in U.K; it was only matter of time that Houston be part of the LV Shipping global presence. Having worked overseas in different regions, I believe that BABC is doing a commendable job to provide opportunities ...

Muhammad Imran Tahir  – Business Development Manager  – LV Shipping and Transport USA

Houston , TX  USA

"United’s membership in the BABC provides opportunities for our sales professionals and corporate affairs leadership to grow and deepen relationships throughout the British American business community in Houston and throughout the BABC transatlantic network. As a board member and co-chair of the BABC Business Awards, I’ve had the opportunity to ...

Lynn Houston  – United Airlines

Houston , TX  USA

"When I was offered the opportunity to relocate to Houston in 2011 to launch a new Regional office for my company, one of the first things I did was to contact the BABC Houston Chapter. I met with Becci on my first visit to Houston prior to creating my business ...

Huw Rothwell  – PetroPlan

Houston , TX  USA